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With you and your loved ones covered under the Exclusive Care Plan, we can guarantee the best services for the lowest out-of-pocket prices. And saving money while receiving quality care is the best gift that we can give to our members.

The benefits, coverage, and plan limits differ between the In-Area-Plan and the Out-of-Area-Plan. The specific benefit information is detailed in the Summary Plan Document for each plan. You may also contact Member Services for more information.

About Exclusive Care

Exclusive Care is a Health Plan specifically designed by the County of Riverside for County employees, retirees, their families, and other qualified Contracted Employer Groups.  Exclusive Care also offers various Retiree Plans and Out-of-Area Dependent plans.

Employees and eligible dependents of the County of Riverside as well as Contracted Employer Groups can enroll with Exclusive Care once they have met their employer’s eligibility criteria. All eligibility is reported by the employer.  

Exclusive Care provides comprehensive health care services through a network of participating hospitals, medical groups, and physicians throughout the County of Riverside.  This network is called an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). The plan benefits include extensive coverage to meet your health care needs such as preventative care, specialty services, hospitalizations, and prescription drugs.

Exclusive Care provides most services for very little co-payment for its members. Members of Exclusive Care receive an identification card that must be presented each time a member receives services.

The County of Riverside is pleased to provide the Exclusive Care Health Plan for you and your eligible dependents. If you have any questions about your benefits under this plan that can’t be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, please contact Member Services at 1 (800) 962-1133.